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"Mein Deutsch ist gut - ich spreche mit Mut!" Mit erneuerten Methoden Schüler zum Deutschlernen motivieren
Číslo projektu:2019-1-HU01-KA229-061011_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:22303 €
Sumár projektu:Our project aims to motivate students to study German language and strengthen the teaching profession's profile through a renewal of the teaching methods. By improving teaching methods, we are trying to increase motivation for learning the so-called ‘small languages’ (in our school: German, French, Russian, Latin). Partner school teachers are convinced that the German language in our region continues to play an important role both in the economy, and the field of education. The partner schools were selected from high schools in Central Europe, with similar experience and traditions so that we can jointly progress in this area. We were looking for a partner school in Germany as well, since working with them in partnership may increase motivation for learning the German language in schools. It is also important that the German schools have a great deal of experience in teaching German as a foreign language, and also in teaching youth, that has just migrated into Germany for a few years. To achieve the objective of our project, each partner school will provide good methodological practices (good practice). At the end of the project we will put together a teaching aid with 10 lesson plans (A2-B1 language level, IKT tools, with differentiation). At the beginning of the project we realize the short-term joint staff training event, the preparation and monitoring of the project, where we work out the tasks in detail, discuss deadlines and responsibilities, plan the detailed dissemination of the project, the student mobility program and its organizational tasks. We will create an eTwinning platform, where the participants hold a connection status with each other and jointly plan and realize the project activities. Each school will realize short-term exchange of groups of pupils in 5 days period, with the participation of three students per school, where the previously assembled 2-2 lesson plans will be tried, discussed and finalized together. Of course the experience and assistance can not exclusively be used in teaching the German language, but also in any foreign language. This aid can be downloaded and applied by any teacher, so the methodological and digital competences of teachers may grow in a wider circle. During the project, not only the students' language skills, but the intercultural competencies of the participants will also improve. The project also aims at understanding the cultural / natural values of the regions of partner schools. As one of the schools is UNESCO school, and the other partners are also interested in this network, we also included an additional aspect in our project. We want to pass on our European identity to our students, therefore we will show them the cultural / natural values under the protection of UNESCO world heritage of the partner countries. We believe that teaching a language not only means mastering that language, but also learning about a culture, which may further increase the success of language teaching. Other results of the project: - We shall create a website for the project, where all the information about participating schools, the project activities will be published, also displaying presentations, articles, pictures, posters, reports, coverages, and all other material, completed during the project. This website will keep promoting our activity towards the public, it shall also serve as the sufficient asset to monitor the realization and verification of the project. - Presentations of UNESCO world heritages, partner schools and cities of partner countries - Workshops in partner schools to display working together to the students of the school, parents and teachers - Trips: we will seek out a world heritage site in each country - Making of photo gallery and Erasmus+ map to display co-ordinator school activities, habits and meetings.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium Ľudovíta Štúra