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Wymiana dobrych praktyk kadry pedagogicznej w celu zwiększenia stopnia wykorzystywania Technologii informacyjno-komunikacyjnych w nauczaniu języka Angielskiego i rozwijaniu Kreatywności uczniów
Číslo projektu:2019-1-PL01-KA229-065757_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:29972 €
Sumár projektu:The project “The exchange of good practice among the teaching staff to increase the use of information and communication technologies in teaching English and developing creativity of students” is a response to the needs of three schools participating in the project: from Poland, Italy and Slovakia. Each of them was diagnosed with the necessity of: - increase the level of communication skills in English of students aged 12-15, - the need to sustain / develop creativity in the same group of students, - introduction of new solutions in the use of information and communication technologies for teaching English and developing creativity of students in partner institutions. Taking those needs into consideration, a project was planned to exchange good practice between teachers and, on this basis, to implement an educational project for pupils including student mobility and their cooperation in international groups. The objectives of our project are related to "promoting a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning languages, using diversity in schools, for example by disseminating the use of new technologies to support language learning". The main objectives of the project are: - transfer of knowledge, skills, tools, approaches between teachers in the field of teaching English, as well as in maintaining the students' innate creativity and its development - compilation of new approaches, methods, tools, and use of English teaching programs, especially with the use of ICT, and at the same time stimulating students' creativity - work with the use of ICT in order to broaden the competences of students participating in the project in the field of communicative use of English and base the learning process on their own creativity - dissemination of material results of the project (descriptions of methods, a set of tools, examples of use, ways of implementing issues from the core curriculum) among the employees of education systems in the environment of our schools, as well as at national and international levels. The results that we would like to achieve are: - introduction of new approaches, methods, tools, teaching programs with the use of ICT and the development of pupils' creativity to everyday work in partner schools - by 100% of teachers participating in the project - material products including description of methods, lesson plans, teaching tools (eg work cards), instructional lesson recordings, etc. (print / electronic version) - a total of at least 30 products - increase of methodical and pedagogical competence of the staff participating in the project - at 100% of participants - increase of communication skills in English by students participating in the project - at least 75% of participants - maintaining or developing a degree of creativity among students participating in the project - at least 85% of participants - increase of the degree of creative, independent use of ICT to learn English by students - at least 50% of students - dissemination of results, including in particular project products among teachers working in our organizations - reaching 100% of employees through training councils, etc. - equipping at least 30 teachers from outside our organization (at least 10 outside the school) in new methods, solutions, approaches, tools, scripts, etc. developed by us through personal contact at workshops, seminars, training councils organized as part of dissemination activities. The activities planned in the project include: 1) exchange of good practices between English teachers from our schools using the eTwinning Platform (on the TwinSpace) 2) development of new methods, approaches, tools, programs using ICT to teach English, and at the same time to maintain / develop creativity of students, and then apply them in everyday work 3) implementation of educational projects by students aged 12-15 in international groups using the eTwinning Platform and other ICT tools 4) implementation of short exchanges of groups of students (for a total of 32 students from each school during the entire project) 5) developing students' proposals for the use of various applications, programs, ICT solutions (eg gamification, padlet, comics) to enhance the learning outcomes of communication in English. 6) carrying out activities disseminating project results within our organizations (transfer of knowledge and skills acquired as part of the project to other employees) and outside our organizations (employees of education systems in our countries, especially teachers). Dissemination activities will take the form of workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, interviews, talks, presentations and lectures. The products created as part of the project will be published on the Platform for Promoting Erasmus + Results, the project website, the eTwinning Platform and others.
Koordinátor:Základná škola s MŠ Martina Hamuljaka, Oravská Jasenica
Oravská Jasenica