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Modern Teacher
Číslo projektu:2019-1-RO01-KA229-063958_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:27061 €
Sumár projektu:Living in a progressive society, where everything speeds faster and faster, in a era of technology and digital information, we realize that we, teachers and parents must change our vision, our means, our methods, our attitude, in order to offer to the children the best education we can, to help them gain skills, form positive attitudes towards the world, towards school and education. So, from our needs, from our children needs and from the society's actual and future requests, we decided to launch our project, Modern Teacher. Objectives: O1. Develop creativity and thinking processes for the 786 preschool children (normal and special children, poor or with learning difficulties) from the 6 kindergarten partners, implementing through the project activities the STEAM curricula, modern methods and techniques, modern software, teaching materials, robots and devices, until the project ending; O2. Create basic user skills for the 786 preschool children from the 6 kindergarten partners in order to work with the materials, STEAM kits and robots, Lego WE DO 2.0, Virtual Reality headsets, i-pads, tablets, android phones, Augmented Reality application and the other software and devices used by them, until the project ending; O3. Form easy coding skills for the 786 participating preschool children, through the sustained work with the robots: Cubetto / KUBO, Sphero SPRK, Bee-Bots, during March 2020 - November 2021 period O4. Enhance, during the project entire implementation period, the teaching processes quality offered by the 50 preschool and ITC teachers in the six participant kindergartens in order to foster preschool age appropriate development of the 786 preschool participant children, to achieve better learning outcomes by introducing new modern methods and techniques, STEAM holistic curricula and using modern devices, software, applications, kits, learning materials, in order to offer and affordable and high quality early childhood education and care. O5. Increasing the inclusion of the 50 children with special needs, the 55 children with learning difficulties and the 169 with poor material conditions, by participating in the STEAM project activities, activities that are based on the holistic approach, learning by discovery, working in pairs and in small groups, team-work, along with their healthy colleagues and without problems, throughout the project implementation period. O6. Decrease gradually the number of absences and the number of preschool children that are missing kindergarten a lot, from the 786 preschoolers from the 6 participating kindergartens, as a result of the modernization of the teaching process and of the activities by introducing modern methods and techniques, the use of STEAM, robots, coding, kits and modern materials, application and devices, throughout the project implementation period. From every partner institution, only the kindergarten part will be used. The 6 partners are: Applicant institution - GRADINITA CU PROGRAM PRELUNGIT DUMBRAVA MINUNATA - kindergarten - FIENI /ROMANIA P1 - ZAKLADNA SKOLA S MATERSKOU SKOLOU - secondary, primary school and kindergarten- HABOVKA / SLOVAKIA P2 - MEHMET AKIF ERSOY ILKOKULU - primary school and kindergarten - EFELER /AYDIN/TURKEY P3 - Tallinna Lasteaed Südameke - kindergarten - TALLINN / ESTONIA P4- SOTIRIADI B. KAI SIA OE - kindergarten - ILIOUPOLI / GREECE P5 - Cra Nosa Señora do Faro.- kindergarten - PONTECESCO / GALICIA / SPAIN Our most relevant local project activities are: - Counseling parents and teachers - Develop STEAM thematic projects - Using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and create content using ZapWorks and other - Simple Screen less coding and using the robots: Cubetto, KBO, Sphero SPRK, Bee-Bots - Creating and using Digital Storytelling, using BookCreator and Androidify - Using Scratch 2.0., LEGO WE DO 2.0. - Conducting STEAM experiments in and out the class We will also have 6 LTT, one in every partner country: Modern methods and techniques, Education starts with STEAM!, Robotic for preschool, 3D World for children, Creative Teachers- Creative Children and Let's Digital Storytelling. A plan for the project's implementation will be elaborated and it will contain deadlines, activities ,objectives, results and resources. It will constantly be monitored: activities, the project in achieving objectives within the given deadlines and the way the resources are allocated. This project will empower teachers to not only be confident in teaching through STEAM but also be able to assess student skills and competencies in scientific abilities, engineering design and development of STEAM artifacts. The project may lead to innovative changes to the educational system and/or provide a useful contribution to educational politics developments.and it has the potential for synergy with other Erasmus+ projects.
Koordinátor:Základná škola s materskou školou