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Career Path
Číslo projektu:2019-1-SK01-KA204-060780
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:135565 €
Sumár projektu:The objective of the project Career Path is to enable migrant workers from non-EU countries in Europe to achieve their professional aspirations and fulfil their potential. In order to allow that to happen it's important to create an environment where they have access to qualified advice and guidance and to further professional development opportunities. The goal of this project is therefore to prepare policy recommendations and toolkits for and with relevant stakeholders (public institutions, employers, adult education organisations and NGOs) that will enable them to create a more supportive environment for the professional growth and economic integration of migrants. To fulfill this goal, we need to deeply understand the needs of our target group and the deficits of the existing environment that should be able to address them. For this reason we will map and analyse the existing situation in all partner countries by organising 30 interviews (5 interviews with public/civil servants and NGOs, 5 interviews with HR managers, 20 interviews with migrant workers from non-EU countries) in every partnership country (Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia). A part of this background research will also be a report on best practices that will document the cases when migrants are getting good support in their career growth which can serve as examples to be replicated elsewhere. After the research part, we will organize 4 study visits (one in every partnership country). The main purpose and content of the visits will be a presentation of findings from the first phase, immersion in career guidance on the national level (explanation and showcasing), introduction of relevant stakeholders and sharing of best practices. Following study visits will be the preparation of the policy recommendations and compact toolkits for specific types of stakeholders. Policy recommendations will serve as suggestions and guidelines on the course of action and priorities for policymakers, public sector, employers, institutes of adult education and relevant NGOs. The toolkits will be tailor-made practical guides advising specific types of stakeholders how to translate policy recommendations into their daily reality. All throughout the project implementation, a special emphasis will be put on cooperation and networking amongst stakeholders. Contacts of all relevant stakeholders will be collected on a rolling basis throughout the project ́s phases and an effort will be made to engage them in the preparation of the outputs. During the last phase of the project, we will organize four multiplier events (one in every partner country), which will help us share and increase the visibility of the project ́s results amongst stakeholders. A database of the stakeholders ́ contacts will also be presented and shared at this event for purposes of future partnerships. All events and results will be communicated with a press release and by publishing information on partners ́ websites and social media.