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Dancefulness for creativity and leadership
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA227-ADU-094272
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:171395 €
Sumár projektu:Covid pandemic many adults need to re-balance and reshape themselves in order to foster innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Low self esteem, unemployment, social disconnection, lack of motivation, the feeling of being left behind in a changing environment, are some of the problems that many adults are facing in this Covid nightmare. Accordingly, we have to set up a different methodology to engage them within the EU strategies for long life learning. For this group dance has a very attractive appeal. Dancing itself is for adults a traditional way of social inclusion. So, it will act as an attraction factor for the disconnected. In that point we follow Sidorkin’s (2007) methodological approach, when he remarks that educational tools must have the capacity to attract and retain participant’s interest. Therefore, combining dance with mindfulness+applied psychology, they will develop their skills in order to foster leadership and innovation in a dynamic, inclusive and attractive environment. Aims of the project: Output results: Project management procedures and project plans (Work plan, monitoring and reporting (M&R), communication and dissemination activities, quality plan) agreed and monitored by project coordinator. 4 transnational meetings realized. O1. Research document. Best practices in dance+mindfulness+positive psychology in adult education and development of skills through non-formal training activities. O2. Online course for teachers, trainers and dancing groups. O3. Video learning pills for adult training. Outcome results: Orbis will lead a national network of mindfulness accredited professionals Orbis will define the steps to be the first Slovakian accredited association in mindfulness in the medium term. At least a dance group per partner country will be taught in this new methodology. Enhanced knowledge about mindfulness, positive psychology, dancing and skills development, including leadership and creativity. (At least 14 best practices identified in the topic). Enhanced practical skills to train adults in the dancefulness methodology in at least 200 people enrolled on the online course and 12 participants on the C1 training activity. Enhanced dancing skills and leadership and creativity skills from people from people impacted by youtube videos.
Koordinátor:Orbis Institute