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Creative methods in adult and elderly education
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA227-ADU-094390
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:43653 €
Sumár projektu:We are partnership of four organisations - MEMORY Center and Terapeutika from Slovakia, Spokojeny senior from Czech republic and Educational Centre Socialization from Latvia. We see that there is quite strong pressure on seniors and they are facing to rapidly changing environment. Our elderly citizens want and are able how to be part of a strong Europe. Being mentally healthy and flexible is a big challenge for them. We know that the European population is growing old. The generation of current seniors grew up in different conditions and in a different cultural and political situation. Creative approaches and solutions were not required at that time as they are today. How to be prepared for change and at the same time train your brain and memory? A creative approach can be one of the answers. All project partners are providing adult and elderly education. We are partners who see a challenge in this project. A challenge how to bring elderly people an interesting and unique approach to education. Memory training is a strong topic. We know and we want to make it better. We have joined forces to bring creative methods to senior education. During our joint training events, we will try and verify specific creative methods. We get the feed back in the experimental group. During our mobilities, we discuss and elaborate the creative methods. After demanding but beautiful work with creative methods, a unique manual will be available to all project partners as well as other colleagues. We consider this manual as living guide - the collection of tried creative methods can be great opportunity for other educators to push the memory training to another level. We are also looking forward to communication activities, which we can be delivered, thanks to the interesting team. Through our project, we are bringing activation and stimulation of cognitive skills like thinking, memory, emotional expression and mental health. This is the prevention of memory loss, potential dementia syndroms and other mental ilnesses. We hope that this can be one of the way how we can help our lovely Europe to make a better place for live. We are ready! Let's make this project real.
Koordinátor:Centrum MEMORY, n.o.